NauticalFiction, seafaring tales. Window into a fascinating world of vastness and adventure.

Early on, with my first pirate film on television, this world captivated me. That first movie was followed by others, as well as books and comics.

Because I have a lot of fun with spinning a yarn, at some point I wanted to tell stories myself instead of just reading them.

At that time I was experimenting with making comics and so in 1976, after some warm-ups in other genres, the naval hero my own reported for duty in a comic strip: Quincey Howard.

The project did not always have the wind in its sails and then, together with my joy of narration, got stuck in a bad lull.

In autumn 2016 I was tired of waiting for wind and, to stay in the picture, I finally got the boats out to tow.

That means: I took my old works out of the archive and added colour and new layouts. Then I created this website to share the stories with those who are also addicted to my passion.

It was a painstaking process, but it was worth it. After three and a half years a new story is waiting for its publication and my first comic page after almost 30 years went online on 04.17.2020. You can see the completely renewed website here. So look forward to fiction and facts from the Age of Sail – even if the slow boats will have to replace the steady breeze for a while 😉

Horst Kreuder