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09.09.2023 Well done Motti

It is now a good half year since the English version of “Murmli & Co. – Der erste Kontakt” has gone online on myComics.de.

“Motti & Friends” did not have the furious start as the “original”, but even after months they constantly reach 2-digit views.

What makes it so special. It is the English version and myComics is German-language portal.

In the meantime, the English version has even more views than the German version. With 3639 views, “Motti” has drawn level with “Mission Barbary Coast” Part 2. This means that both share third place.

The German version has 3179 views and is therefore in 5th place ahead of “Mission Barbary Coast” Part 4.

And that after this good six months – while the other posts have been online for years.

So also “Well done Murmeli.”

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