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Report 2019.09.23

For a long time nothing happened in the frontend of NauticalFiction. But that doesn’t mean that I wasn’t working on the site.

The projected reorganisation of the Site will bring some changes. That caused lot of searching for and testing of suitable plugins. The last major challenge was to find an editor, able to structure the starting page the way I imagined.

But the really important changes are the use of a font of my own in Typography and last but not least an autonomous english version of the site. Not to mention the initial reason of the reorg: to make the structur of the site more simple.

Because of the upcoming changes, I dindn’t post here on NauticalFiction the few items I created during the last month. But I presented them at the Age of Sail Forum.

At the end some good news: After I created a starting page according to my ideas coincidentally in two editors, I started today the final rebuild of the website. I don’t guess how much time it will take, because my german text needs some editing and simultaneously I want to do the translations for the english version.

So this post on the old site will be the first one for new version too.

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