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01.24.2024 Here things are running too

Today, a quick and overdue look at Murmeli/Motti’s “hit” list.

Since the last report, at the end of November 23, the English version has cracked another 2 thousand markers and now has 8147 hits on myComics.de.

The German version is doing a bit slower, but it has now also reached 4125 views. That ranks it third among my posts on myComics.

Of my older posts, only “Examination Day” has more views and is in second place with 4659 clicks – although this story has been online for about 7 years 😉

Let’s see how things go with the comics – my infrastructure is up and running again anyway, on Saturday I transferred the files with my ongoing work to the new hard drive. 😀

So stay tuned …

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