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07.31.2020 Newsflash - Boom for the "Mission" -

Before I start working on the new website again I have to tell you this.

After it was quiet about the four parts of "Mission Barbary Coast" with 1 to 4 calls per day, as expected in older posts, there was a surprising run yesterday.

Parts 1 to 3 got about 20 calls, the current part 4 even 35!

Here are the current results:

Part 4: 1211

Part 3: 2216

Part : 2196

Part 1: 2419

Before I go back to work for the revised site - The two completely revised stories with "Quincey Howard you can read here as PDF


For technical reasons I can currently only link the German versions. I will soon - at least temporarily - find a solution.

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