07.03.2020 The work at the “shipyard” continues
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07.03.2020 The work at the “shipyard” continues – Actually, I wanted to write a nice article about how to go on with NauticalFiction. – But then I decided to head straight for my next big goal. The bilingual relaunch of … Read More

04.16.2020 A brief update
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04.16.2020 A brief update – On Tuesday I spontaneously created a draft for the English version of the “Berber”. The official title in english is from now on “Quincey Howard R.N. – Mission Barbary Coast”. The new sequel of the … Read More

02.18.2020 Progress on page 8 of Quincey Howards Barbary Coast adventure
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02.18.2020 Progress on page 8 of Quincey Howards Barbary Coast adventure – For this report I scanned the lower part of page 8 instead of taking a photograph and mounted it suiting to the upper part. So you can get … Read More

02.06.2020 Editorial recommendation for Die Prüfung/Examination day on myComics.de
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02.06.2020 Editorial recommendation for “Die Prüfung/Examination day” on myComics.de – Quincey Howard RN “Examination day” received a small tribute yesterday. The story was listed in the recommendations of the editorial staff on myComics.de. The recommendation was well received. Proud 36 … Read More

02.08.2020 – Intermediate state “Page 8 – lower part”
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02.08.2020 • Intermediate state “Page 8 – lower part” – The first row of “extras” for the pirates boarding scene is in place. The illustrations I made training went quite well. But these elaborate pictures show how rusty I became … Read More

03.02.2020 • Broken Link fixed
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In yesterdays post the link didn’t work. Now I fixed it.  

02.03.2020 • There is still Life –
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Though I was not able to produce new pages for Quincey Howard, my posts on myComics.de got – at least the sequels of the Barbary Coast Adventure – maybe 10 hits per month. This way part 1 of Berber has … Read More

01.28.2020 • Upper part of the new page 8 nearly completed
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01.28.2020 • Upper part of the new page 8 nearly completed – Instead of writing an article to complain about the long long interrupt in working on my project “NauticalFiction” I took my drawing Board – and surprise: the upper … Read More

Report 21.11.2019
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Report 2019.11.21 It’s high time for a new report. Unfortunately there isn’t much to tell because things didn’t work well during the last weeks. At least I already fixed a blueprint of the upper page 8 on my drawing board. … Read More

Lagebericht 10.10.2019
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There were some problems to solve, but there also is some progress in the rebuild of NauticalFiction.net. I successfully adopted the new plugins to the way I wanted to present the site. For the Moment I’m focusing on the comic-section … Read More

Report 2019.09.23
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Lange ist nichts passiert im Frontend
von NauticalFiction. Das heißt aber nicht, das sich Nichts getan

Die geplante Reorganisation wird einige Veränderungen mit sich bringen und das hat natürlich zu einigem Aufwand geführt. Passende PlugIns für die neuen Aufgaben mußten gesucht und vor allem getestet werden. Die letzte große Aktion war einen Editor zu finden, mit dem ich die Startseite so aufteilen kann, wie ich es mir vorstelle.

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