07.08.2020 Done …. But

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08.07.2020 07.08.2020 Done …. But – I actually managed to get the new site ready for the test run. However, I don’t have the time to look at it again, because even though it is a test run, there are … Read More

08.04.2020 Destination weekend

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08.04.2020 Destination weekend – Yesterday I started with the necessary changes to the already existing pages of my new NauticalFiction site. The start page has already been modified and now works as I imagine it will. For the release of … Read More

08.01.2020 I am afraid its going to take a little bit longer

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08.01.2020 I’m afraid it’s going to take a little bit longer – Before I can grant the test access it will probably become the middle to end of next week. By presenting the comics as a different element Murphy threw … Read More

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