07.30.2020 First Landmark Ahead

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07.30.2020 First landmark ahead. – Well, work has been going on the last few days – once again – not as I had planned, but an important landmark is coming closer. The test release of the new site as a … Read More

07-21-2020 Time for a little status report.

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07-21-2020 Time for a little status report. – In the background work on the bilingual version of NauticalFiction.net was continued last week. Of all comics there was made a translation draft. Which were already put into the layouts of all … Read More

07.13.2020 Good news bad news

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07.13.2020 Good news bad news. – There are good and bad news about the new version of NauticalFiction.net. The bad news first: It may take an additional week until I’ll grant access for test viewers to the new version. But … Read More

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